Neva Kate Carmichael

Carmichael-Johnson antique dresser available

UPDATE 12 Aug. 2010: The dresser has been sold. Judy Nora is happy to report that the dresser has a new home in a bed & breakfast in Tennessee. The article below remains posted as historical information.

Judy Nora Johnson Davis has a beautiful antique dresser that is rich in Carmichael-Johnson heritage. And it’s for sale! See the photo at right. (Click on it for an enlarged view.) It has a marble top with candle holders. Judy will soon take the dresser to an antique shop in Destin, FL to sell, but she wants to give family members the opportunity to buy it if they are interested. Judy shared the following story about the dresser (additional information in brackets added by the web editor):

As the story goes Great Grandmother, Manora Alzada Summers Carmichael (which my middle name Nora comes from ) brought it to Newnan from Atlanta to get away from Sherman, and she gave it to Grandmother (Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson) as a wedding present, and she [Neva Kate] brought it to Carol Villa in Montgomery, [Uncle Mac and Aunt Gene had it for several years at Carol Villa], and my father [Parley Philip Johnson, Sr.] had it for years in the house at Lockhart, Alabama and then gave it to me, Judy Nora Johnson Davis.

Judy says this is what she was told. If there are corrections or additional information, please let Jean know at johnsonreunion(at)brooknet(dot)com, and we’ll update this article.