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Please speak out against the renaming of Seth Johnson School!

Please see the UPDATES following this message for important information, particularly Update #2. Seth Johnson Elementary School is now expected to remain open as an elementary school and retain its name. The Education Board will vote on Feb. 15. See details below. Thank you, Johnson Family Members!!

Dear Johnson Family Members,

The Seth Johnson Elementary School in Montgomery may soon be converted to a magnet school, and in this transition, there is the possibility that it will no longer be known by Grandfather Seth Johnson's name. The Montgomery School Board will meet tonight, 1 February 2011, to discuss the realignment of schools. At first the School Board planned to close Seth Johnson School. Now the School Board plans to change the school to a Magnet Middle School but retain the “Seth Johnson” name.
Many Family Members have expressed the wish that Seth Johnson School remain a neighborhood elementary School.

Now is the time to speak out! Your help is urgently needed to voice opposition to the renaming of the Seth Johnson School. Here is what you can do:


It's another fabulous reunion for the Johnson Family!

Thank you Bill Bassett, Dottie Ennis, and Julie Hawkins and families (the family of Uncle Julian and Aunt Neva Johnson Bassett) for another wonderful Johnson Family Reunion! The Johnson family gathered for the reunion on Saturday, 26 June 2010, at Mulder Memorial United Methodist Church, 3454 Firetower Road in Wetumpka, AL - the first in this location. The children enjoyed having their faces painted by their older cousins and playing on a HUGE, fully-equipped playground. Lunch seating was arranged by decade age groups, and thus cousins got to know their cousins of similar age. Of course, the food was fabulous as always with many favorite dishes prepared from the Johnson Family cookbook. The family was led in patriotic and fun family songs by the Bassett family with Gene Burt Johnson Davis accompanying on the keyboard. There were some great family games. One was a real "stumper" where we had to identify those in a collage made up of old family photos! All were identified in the end by sharp eyes and keen minds. Family members came from far and wide to the reunion - including from Florida, Texas, California, and... wait for it... Brazil!

Did you get your copy of the Johnson Family Roster? Bill Bassett did a great job with this. He contacted at least one, if not several, from each family group, and, after many correspondences, compiled a directory of all the living first cousins (grandchildren of Seth and Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson), their spouses and adult children. The directory includes current addresses and email addresses. No excuse not to stay in touch with your cousins now! :-)

Family Reunion Pics

We need pictures from the reunion! We saw you snapping away. Won't you share? Please send your photos or a link to your photos to Jean at johnsonreunion(at)brooknet(dot)com, and we'll get them posted here asap! We already have some great ones from Margie Helen and Parley Philip. Just to show you how valuable these photos are to future generations, here is a family reunion photo circa 1949, approximately 61 years ago! Can you identify those in the photo? "Hover" your mouse over the people in the photo to reveal their names. Thanks for sharing this great old photo, Parley Phiip!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Next year's Johnson Family Reunion will be hosted by the family of Walter and Caroline Johnson Albritton on 2 July 2011 again at the Mulder Memorial United Methodist Church in Wetumpka. We'll post more information here closer to the reunion date.

Again, thank you, Bill, Dottie and Julie and families for a fabulous reunion!! Read More...

2010 Johnson Family Reunion is THIS SATURDAY!

It's almost here!! This Saturday!!
2010 Johnson Family Reunion

Saturday, June 26, 10:00 a.m.
Mulder Memorial United Methodist Church
3454 Firetower Road
Wetumpka, AL
the map. Here's the Google map, too.

The Johnson Family Reunion this year is hosted by the family of Uncle Julian and Aunt Neva Johnson Bassett - Bill Bassett, Dottie Ennis, and Julie Hawkins and families. The reunion begins at 10:00 A.M. and lunch will begin just after noon. Please bring your favorite family dish to share (a Johnson Family cookbook recipe is suggested.)

See the reunion invitation for more information. (This message was posted earlier from Julie Hawkins.)

Thank you, Bill, Dottie and Julie! Hope to see all the Johnson Family on Saturday!!!