Rebecca Genevieve West will graduate from E. Coweta H.S.

Rebecca Genevieve West is looking forward to her graduation from East Coweta High School in Georgia on Saturday, 25 May 2013 at 9:00 a.m.. Rebecca is the daughter of Ronda Conley-West and great-granddaughter of Hugh and Genevieve Conley. In a letter sent to Uncle Wylie, Ronda says that Rebecca is the name-sake of her (Ronda’s) grandmother Genevieve Conley. She continues…

I wish they could have known Rebecca, they would have loved her. She is a typical Conley and Bigdaddy would have enjoyed her so much. She is a straight A student and has never been in any trouble. She was a competition cheerleader for a while and played volleyball for the school for 7 years. So we are very proud of her and hope that she continues on the path she is on now.

Rebecca will attend West Georgia College in Fall, 2013. We are very proud of you, Rebecca, and wish you the very best in your collegiate endeavors!

By the way, the Conley Family Reunion will be on 26 May 2013. The Johnsons are always warmly welcomed there. Please contact Uncle Wylie if you would like information. Ronda was sorry that they were unable to make it to the Johnson Reunion this year due to weather and other issues,